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Wago 221 cable terminal, 75 pieces

Wago 221 cable terminal, 75 pieces

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• Reusable and Mini: The wire block clamp terminal cable is reusable, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for your electrical needs. Its mini size makes it easy to install in tight spaces.

• 221 Electrical Connectors: With 221 electrical connectors, this product offers a wide range of options for your different wiring needs.

• Quick Home Wire Terminal Connector: The quick house wire terminal connector provides easy and quick installation, saving you time and effort.

• Wire Block Clamp Terminal Cable: This product comes with a wire block clamp terminal cable, ensuring a complete and functional solution for your electrical needs.


Safe and durable: The shell is made of nylon PA66, which has flame retardant and high temperature resistance, reducing potential safety risks. The conductor is tinned with pure copper, strong conductivity, rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Built-in stainless steel spring buckle, strong elasticity, not easy to fall off.

100% new, never used.

Product Name: Universal Pole 2/3/5 Wire Connector

Model Number: 222-412/413/415(PCT212/23/13/215)

Insulation material: modified nylon (PA66)

Contact material: phosphor copper


Spin method and cross section:

Solid Wire Size (BV,BVR) 0.14-4mm^2 28-12AWG

Fine strand wires (RV(>30)) 0.08-4.0mm^2

Strip lengthaeProduct.getSubject() 9-10mm/0.47inProduct Name: Universal Wire Connector

Insulation material: modified nylon (PA66)

Contact Material: Phosphorus Copper

Wire cross section: 0.08 - 2.5 mm2 (single hard wire); 0.08 ~ 4mm2 (multi soft wire)

Color: Gray + Orange

Rated current: 32A

Rated voltage: 250V

Rated impulse voltage: 4KV

Rated power 8KW

Safety Tip: We must use a safe wire connector to avoid electrical hazards that may cause fire. It is safe and transparent visible, and easy to use, just plug in directly.

Package included:

2 ports (35pcs)

3 ports (25pcs)

5 ports (15pcs)

1 x Box

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