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Artificial grass mats; O-HO-N ladder, 2mm, 0.4m x 1m, 2Pcs

Artificial grass mats; O-HO-N ladder, 2mm, 0.4m x 1m, 2Pcs

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Brand new. Perfect for railway and building layout!
It is perfect for DIY micro landscaping and mini gardening accessories, you can also put it at home, kindergarten or dollhouse. And splice several pieces of lawns into a bigger lawn for children playing, children will like it so much. It is made of plastic, washable, never faded, and harmless to people's health. Just feel relieved to use it!

Made of glass, environmentally friendly and harmless to people's health.

You can put it in a dollhouse or any place in your house, such as balcony, children's room and pets' room, to make your house look natural and healthy.

It can also be a nice decoration in the aquarium, fish will like it so much, it looks like real grass. And you could splice several pieces of our artificial lawns into a larger lawn for children playing.


Brand: Evemodel.
Size: approx. 40cm x 100 cm, or 15.7" x 39.4" inches, 2mm thick.
Scale: 1:25 ~ 1:300 etc...
Color: golden green, withered yellow, grass green, green, light green, dark green, snow white.

The back is kraft paper, but the snow white back is EPE cotton.

Package includes:

2 grass mats of the same color.

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