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Mini portable electrostatic applicator

Mini portable electrostatic applicator

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Upgraded Version Specification:

Size: As shown in the photos

Plastic material

Rated operating voltage: DC 3V Rated operating current: 50mA Rated output voltage: ≥DC3000V

Rated operating power: 0.15W can install batteries: 2 3V batteries can be used. Not included

Deluxe Edition Specification:

Plastic material
Size: As shown in the photos
Rated operating voltage: DC +9V
Rated working current: 50mA
Rated output voltage: ≥ DC5000V
Rated operating power: 0.45W

Can install batteries: 9V battery can be used continuously for 3-4 hours (battery is not included)

Note: This machine should be kept away from children in case of electric shock; even adults need to be careful when using this machine. Please follow the steps and consider safety precautions in the instruction.

Flocking of steps:

Put half bottle grass flocking
Put the high voltage wire hanging on the bottle mouth so that it connects with the metal net and thus in a power-on state
Coat with gluewater on the surface where you want flocking
Insert the ground wire into a location near the flocking surface
Slide the power switch to
Press the operation button and shake up and down
Grass flocking will fall vertically with static electricity
The grass flock will spread vertically and well proportionally on the glue coated surface

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