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Grass, Foliage Flocking, 30g per Bag

Grass, Foliage Flocking, 30g per Bag

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Mixed color simulation cashmere yarn

Product specifications: sample in 30g self-sealed bag

Through precise color matching and repeated blend comparison, we have developed a series of grass velvet silk with a high degree of simulation. The grass has a length of 3.00mm, which is divided into five kinds of real colors: fresh and tender in spring, Ruyin in summer, dark in autumn, barren in autumn, and withered in winter. Players can also use these five colors as base colors to mix other real colors to meet the needs of their own scenes.

- It is recommended to use fangcunjing's safe and powerful electrostatic grass planting machine to plant grass in your sand table scene with special white emulsion glue.

Due to the monitor setting and light when taking photos, there may be some errors in the color. The color you receive will prevail.

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