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ABC DCC brake (asymmetrical DCC generator) 860065

ABC DCC brake (asymmetrical DCC generator) 860065

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ABC DCC brake (asymmetrical DCC generator)

The automatic brake controller generates an asymmetric DCC to activate the braking function on suitably equipped DCC decoders. ABC is suitable for silver/gold decoders Lenz, Zimo and many others. The DCC waveform is slightly modified by reducing the voltage on one side of the waveform by approximately 1.6 volts. This activates the ABC function on the DCC decoder (if present) and causes the locomotive to gradually stop. When the circuit is deactivated, the locomotive accelerates smoothly. In its simplest form, an on/off switch is connected across the switch terminals to activate the circuit.

Please note that LaisDcc decoder does not support ABC function.

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