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Flocking in bags, 1 to 2mm

Flocking in bags, 1 to 2mm

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Natural environments include transition zones between maintained or cultivated vegetation (grass, planted bush) and “mother nature”. Rub and scatter patterns of the kind of living or dead vegetation found in between. Use it to add realistic details to layouts, dirooms and architectural models.

Comes in a 1/3/5*30g sample pack.

About FunTrying

FunTrying, a company based in China, we have been producing scale model making materials and miniature models since 2017. Most of our customers are model companies, architectural model makers, model makers, individual model building enthusiasts railway, diorama models and miniature models... We always value product quality and customer service and work hard towards this end. Because of this, we have acquired a loyal group of users and accumulated almost 5,000 fans on the Facebook page. Please continue to follow us and find more updates in the future. Have fun and keep trying the great hobby of miniature models and dioramas.

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