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Plux16 (NEM 658) Dcc mobile decoders

Plux16 (NEM 658) Dcc mobile decoders

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Please read this before placing an order

You need to connect a 1K(1000ohm) 1/4Watt or 1.5K(1500ohm) 1/8 Wattother valuein series resistor when you use the function wires with LED to limit the LED current.

(Attention) DCC voltage. Please make sure your DCC voltages are below 16V. We
I recommend the track voltage at 12V. Read below to understand everything about DC voltage. Above
Voltage can cause irreparable damage to the decoder. We don't accept dispute if your voltage is over 16V and burn the decoders. If your track voltage cannot lower to 16V, please do not order our decoders.

Plux16 Dcc Decoders (NEM 658)

Interface: Plux16 + blue and black wire
Scale: HO Scale
Size: 16mm*17.5mm*3mm
Current rating: 1A
Function: 4*100mA
Support to connect with 870009 KungFu stay alive kits

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