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Function decoder only for controlling lights, wireless orange and gray, Dcc, LaisDcc

Function decoder only for controlling lights, wireless orange and gray, Dcc, LaisDcc

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This decoder does not have wires for the motor. This decoder only for lights control

860011/Decoder function only (no wires for motor)
Orange = Non-existent
Gray = Non-existent
Color and function:
Yellow = reverse light FL(F0R)
Green = Function 1
Black = Left Rail
White = front headlight FL(F0F)
Blue = Common positive function
Red = Straight rail
Purple = Function 2
Brown 105 = F3
Brown 120 = F4
Brown 140 = F5
Brown 160 = F6

Please read this before placing an order

You need to connect a 1K(1000ohm) 1/4Watt or 1.5K(1500ohm) 1/8 Wattother valuein series resistor when you use the function wires with LED to limit the LED current.

(Caution) DCC voltages. Please make sure your DCC voltages are below 16V. We
Recommends track voltage at 12V. Read below to understand everything about DC voltage. Above
Voltage can cause irreparable damage to the decoder. We don't accept dispute if your voltage is over 16V and burn the decoders. If your track voltage cannot lower to 16V, please do not order our decoders.


Nothing can go too wrong if the loco has been working well before the conversion, the decoder has been installed correctly and you pre-checked your installation on the program track as we advised, before putting it on the main line!

Nothing is happening:

* Have you selected the address? If it's a new decoder it will be 3. If you did it a while ago and can't remember its number, go to the program track and reset the decoder (CV8=4) . It will now be #3.

*If it does not read or work and you know the address, make sure it is not suffering from a loco failure or a short in the wiring or it will be damaged.

Light/functions will not work!

*Have you turned on the lights with the 0 (zero) function and also used the direction switch, remember the white and yellow functions are always directional by default.

*Did you perhaps wire the LED forward?

* Did you add a resistor? Otherwise, you may have blown the LED! (the function will always be OK).

Help - I think I must have made a CV setting error. Now that won't work.

No problem! Just do a reset (CV8=4) and it will be back to the settings it had when you purchased it.

It has a big black hole in the heat shrink!

The only way this can happen is through incorrect wiring, overloading, or a similar problem. You killed him, sorry!

When in doubt, as a first step in checking decoders, always try a reset by entering 4 in CV8


Current ranking:

2 amp peak power, 1A continuous total, each function maximum 500mA.

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