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10pcs WAGO Compact Wire Connectors, 221, 5x221-412, 3x221-413, 2x221-415

10pcs WAGO Compact Wire Connectors, 221, 5x221-412, 3x221-413, 2x221-415

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-Brand new 221 series splice connectors, now you can test voltage from two different sides even when installed. The connectors have two test slots right where the WAGO imprint appears: one in the conductor entry direction and one on the opposite side. This accessibility provides extremely convenient testing conditions, even after installation, in a wide range of applications.
-WAGO 221 products, all cables will be quickly and easily connected without the need for tools. These cables are available in single core, multi core or multi core models. These materials are 40% smaller. For this reason, 40% of wiring space is saved. With its body being completely transparent, it is ensured that the cable is placed correctly. It also allows it to be peeled to a suitable length.
-Wire nuts accommodate stranded wires from 0.14 to 4 mm², as well as solid and thin wires from 0.2 to 4 mm² (24-12 AWG). Ratings up to 32A/450V and maximum continuous operating temperature of 105°C(221°F) allow Series 221 splice connectors to be used in ambient temperatures up to 85°C (T85), making them ideal for small and large loads. Furthermore, approvals like ENEC or UL allow them to be used in worldwide applications.
-Connect any combination of solid, stranded and flexible copper wires faster and more reliably. Ends 24-12 AWG. UL listed, genuine WAGO LEVER-NUTS
-Wire connectors manufactured by Wago (Made in Germany) and packaged by Jatisse. They come with a handy case for easy use while you're at work. The housing contains 5x2 conductors (WAGO 221-412), 3x3 conductors (WAGO 221-413), 2x5 conductors (WAGO 221-415)

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