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Adapter board to convert wire decoder to 21MTC, 21 pin, 860035

Adapter board to convert wire decoder to 21MTC, 21 pin, 860035

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European Wiring Adapter Card 21MTC Card (FEMALE)

The 860035 (female) is a printed circuit board with a 21-pin NEM660 (MTC21) socket and solder pads for connecting the wires. The 21 pin female socket can be used to adapt a harness decoder such as the WOW101 or T4 to a 21 pin locomotive or motherboard.

To solder the wires to the provided pads simply:

Tin each pad with a small amount of solder
Strip the end of each wire and tin it with a small amount of solder - Recommended Soldering Practices
Solder the wires in order with their corresponding contacts
Each pad on the 860035 is labeled. These stamp labels are as follows (from left to right with the stamps facing you)

| Speaker (-) | Speaker (+) | Function 6 | Function 5 | Function 4 | Function 3 | Earth | CAM/Aux Input |

| Function 2 | Left rail (black) | Motor (-) (gray) | Yellow (F0R) | White (F0F) | Blue (12V+) | Motor (+) (Orange) | Straight rail (red) | Function 1 |

IMPORTANT NOTE (NEM660): The 860035 adapter does not have output transistors on functions 3-6. This complies with the connector standard. Logic amplifiers for these functions will be included on the motherboard (if supported) unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.

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