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1 Set Flocking Applicator Flocking Box Wargame Safety Tool 5mm 120g GJ08

1 Set Flocking Applicator Flocking Box Wargame Safety Tool 5mm 120g GJ08

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What is flocking box?

The flocking box is a versatile flocking device that allows flocking of small to medium sized objects.
You can either hold an object on the metal plate to be flocked, or use the cables to attach a metal screen and flock over a larger area, such as a model railway board, for a realistic result. look at areas of grass.

How does the flocking box work?

The Flockbox uses an electrostatic charge to attract nylon flock fibers to a glued surface, the flock fibers jump toward that object and sit in the glue standing on their ends to produce an even carpet layer.

Flocking box features

Runs from a 9v (PP3) battery which is sufficient for most jobs.
Also works from a DC to 9v or 12v power adapter which gives a more powerful performance.
Comes with quality 900mm red and green cables to match the red and green plugs on the flocking box.
The cables are long enough to extend away from the Flockbox to feed areas such as model terrain.
Uses an aluminum top plate that conducts better than steel and keeps the weight of the flocking box light.
English instruction is included, detailed pictures to demonstrate how to make grass tufts and bushes etc.
Material: plastic and metal plate;
Rated operating voltage: DC +9V;
Rated Working Current: 50mA;
Output rated voltage: ≥DC17000V;
Rated operating power: 0.45W;

Cautionary notes

The flocking box is not recommended for people with pacemakers or other internal medical electronic devices as it has not been tested for them. It is possible to endure static shock while using the Flocking Box, but I have had countless shocks that are more surprising than painful. It is not a toy and should be kept away from children.

Items supplied with the flocking box (as shown in the first picture)

1,900mm green and red cables;
2 2x crocodile clips;
3, Battery power box with on/off switch; (9V battery is not included)
4, DC power adapter;
5, plastic box with metal sieve;
6, printed paper manual;
7.4 bags of 5mm grass, 4 colors, 30g each; (If you need other grass, please search it in our store, we have 2mm,5mm,8mm, 12mm grass for sale: "4 bottles 140g 5mm 8mm 12mm Green Static Grass Static Grass Powder Flock Turf Flock Lawn Nylon railway model CFA provision"

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