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Test bench for locomotives, HO scale

Test bench for locomotives, HO scale

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1:87 HO Scale Railway Model Train Riders Standard Track Roller Test Stand with 8 Carts Train Treadmill Track Bearing

Special for HO The total length is 50cm, the track length is 16.5-17mm, eight pairs of wheels, the standard configuration does not include a power cord. 3D printing casting firmware, solid 304 stainless steel shaft, copper alloy oil bearing. This treadmill track is a customized product,
The upgraded part adopts the model-specific gold-plated banana plug and the stainless steel shaft is precision welded, and strives to reduce current loss, making the head drive work more stable and the rotation more delicate .
3D printed parts are printed with high precision to ensure installation accuracy and module strength.
The bearing is a powder metallurgy oil-containing copper bearing produced by a bearing factory supplied by Japanese companies. The copper base of the bearing is softer than the wheel material, which protects the front metal wheel from abrasion.
The positioning steel pin is made of bearing steel, which is harder and more wear-resistant.

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